jRealistic Brick Compound - Grey Neutral 750g

Realistic Brick Compound - Grey Neutral 750g


 Realistic Brick Compound - Grey Neutral 750g

Important Note:  Due to raw material changes the colour of this material may differ slightly compared to material purchased prior to 26th March 2017.  If using with material from older batches we recommend mixing all material together prior to use to ensure colour consistency.

Coverage: 4.5 sq.ft per bag approx

Realistic Brick Compound has been specially formulated for creating textured finishes on dolls houses and other miniature models.  The material can be used in conjunction with stencils (available separately) to create various brick, stone and tile patterns.  The compound should first be mixed with water to form a smooth easily spreadable paste before being applied to the walls of the model using a pallet knife.  The material is very easy to work with as it allows unlimited working time ..this means that no material is wasted and any mistakes can easily be rectified.  Please note that additional materials may be required to complete the application process.


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