Exterior Finishes

One 375g bag of Realistic Brick Compound will cover an area of 4.5 square feet or 0.5 square metre approx. This is typically sufficient to cover a small to medium size dolls house (2 - 3 room), but this is just a guide as coverage varies according to application thickness etc. This is roughly equivalent to 3000 individual bricks. The photos above give a rough guide to the finished colours achieved using the Realistic Brick Compound - Results may vary (see below). The compound colour will appear to change during the application process, for example it will usually appear darker when wet than when dry. We recommend making a small sample to check the finished colour before applying the compound to a project. Shading: If desired, after application the compound can be shaded using acrylic paints to create a more authentic and weathered appearance. It is best to do this before sealing. Sealing: The compound should be sealed with a clear matt varnish when the application is complete. Many different varnishes are available and we recommend testing on a small area before applications results vary. Sealing with varnish will waterproof and protect the finish and usually makes the finished colour slightly darker. We recommend using Winsor & Newton Clear Matt Varnish