As a young girl there were three things I always wanted to do... move to another country, live near the sea and own my own shop.

In 1991 we emigrated to Australia, purchased a house in Wollongong 10 mins from the sea. Two goals down and one to go.

In 2006 Fairy Meadow Miniatures was born. What a journey we have had. May 2006 saw us open a cute little shop in East Corrimal and there we stayed for 4 years before we realised that we needed more space, we were beginning to burst at the seems.

2011 saw us move to a much larger premises in North Wollongong. It was here that saw us grow even bigger, not just in shop size but in stock, our miniature range quadrupled. It was during this time that we met the world wide web and created our website. It was here that we met you. I would like to say a big thank you for joining us and we love that you keep coming back.

While at North Wollongong our vision changed., we knew that you were all with us on this journey of FMM and we wanted to make sure we were a permanent fixture in the world of miniatures,We wanted more security and we wanted our own premises. So off I trekked to obtain a shop that would suit our needs......this wasn't easy I can tell you, but I wouldn't take no for an answer and after an arduous few months of looking. We did it.....we found the shop that would be our new home and our very own premises.

We opened our new shop at 40 Wentworth Street, Port Kembla, 10th June 2015. We love our new space and we believe that you will too.

I do hope that you can come and meet us. If you drop in on a Saturday you might even get to meet Alec, the man that works tirelessly behind the scenes, keeping this website up to date for you is one of the many jobs that he does.

Humbly Yours

Lorraine & Alec