thank you for visiting Fairy Meadow Miniatures Blog site and i hope to see you here often. My blog is all about inspiration and sharing. I will endeavour to put a “How To” post on here every month. These will consist of making items for your dolls house as well as hints and tips for wallpapering, gluing, lighting mitring just to name a few of the posts that I want to provide for you.

I will also share ongoing projects with you so that you can see my journey through them, both the good and the bad

I hope that you also become involved and tell me and our followers what you think and any hints and tips that you have picked up along the way too!

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How To make up Grandma Stovers Glue

I am using an empty Grandma Stovers jar

  I sell a lot of Grandma Stovers Glue, as this is the best glue to use for wallpapering your dolls houses. As long as you are not wallpapering a shiny surface (if you are sand first to create a “key” for you paper to stick to) If you do this right then your paper [Read More…]

I was asked “How do you fit a new plug?”

The plug I am going to remove

So here is the answer….. I took a plug off an old wire to show you how to take off a plug. First you pull out the two pins Then you take out the wires from the holes that had the pins holding down the wire Then you pull the wire through the central hole [Read More…]

C.K day number 7


Well here we are again. I decided it was time to do another kit and so I delved into the big pile of kits with my eyes closed and pulled out………this one Tea box by Adelaides miniatures. I also sell a lot of Adelaide’s kits at Fairy Meadow Miniatures. I open the packet and what [Read More…]

We have a floor!


This afternoon I had a bit of time to spend on The Cottesmore. So I sanded that nicely painted white ceiling, it was my last floor/ceiling to sand. Then the next step was to check that it fit. Of course it fits…..NOW….. but earlier….lol So before I went ahead and glued in my first floor [Read More…]

A New Toy to play with.


Today is Sunday and remember I said I wanted to put all my grooves in the floors ready for the wiring of the lights? Well I spent the day drawing in all the rooms onto the floors so I could find the centre of the rooms for the light fittings. What you have to remember [Read More…]

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