Stencil Roof Tile/SlateStencil Size

Stencil Roof Tile/Slate


Stencil Roof Tile/Slate

Roof Tile / Slate Stencil.  This stencil can be used with Realistic Brick Compound to create a raised and textured roof slate effect.  With this system it is not possible to create overlapping tiles, but when viewed on a pitched roof the finish does produce a very good roof tile effect.  Several examples of this finish can be seen on the website.
The Dark Grey / Slate colour compound is most commonly used for roof rile applications.

Stencils are made from Mylar (Polyester) which is a tough plastic like material so stencils are durable and easy to handle and can be re-used many times.  A separate repositionable adhesive is required when using Mylar stencils.

Stencil Sheet Size
Stencils are available in a range of different sheet sizes to suit different jobs.  The scale and design is identical regardless of the sheet size.  Larger stencils allow larger areas to be covered more quickly with less joins and repeat applications.

Stencil Scale
Choose the correct scale to suit your dolls house or model.  The most popular scale for dolls houses is 1:12 which is also the largest scale and the easiest  to work with.
*Important Note:  Stencils in 1:12 scale - 1:24 scale are designed for application of Realistic Brick Compound.  It is possible to use brick compound with smaller scales, but for very small scales (1:48) better results may be achieved using alternative materials such as fine textured paint.  Mylar stencils can also be used as an impression mould with air drying clay.