We thought a little more of the results of what our community achieves through their hard work and creativity.


Why don't we show that creativity.  We are creating two galleries for showing off our creativity.  One will be my own where I would like to show some of my creations. The second will be for you lovely people out there who have a creative bent.  Who have either original designs or attended one of our workshops and would like to show off your hand made miniatures.

We are working on two Albums now, though we do need some of you to provide us with a photo of your pride and joy(s).  Please use the contact form to let Lorraine know you would like to participate or; alternately drop lorraine an email with subject  we will contact you to let you know where to send your photos.

  1. Lorraines Creations
  2. Our best Assets, our Customers and Workshop attendees creations.

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