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We are so happy to Announce our V.I.P Open Day on:

Wednesday, 10th June 2015!

at our New Premises:

40 Wentworth Street, Port Kembla 2505


This event is by invitation only and on this day I will be GIVING AWAY a one of a kind custom built dolls house, that is decorated inside and out, with lights. Made by: Yours Truly.  If you are available on that day and would like an invite, please email me OR use our Contact form and put VIP Open Day in the subject, so I can make sure you make our guest list.


Our NEW PREMISES will be open to the general public on:

Thursday, 11th June 2015!

We are so looking forward to seeing and catching up with our past customers and; making new friends with our future customers, very soon!

Lorraine, Alec and (of course) Ivor


You are about to enter the biggest dolls house shop in Australia. We have many large glass cabinets that sparkle with the glow of lights.

Shop EntranceYou are about to enter the biggest dolls house shop in Australia. We have many large glass cabinets that sparkle with the glow of lights.

The treasures that they hold are breathtaking. These small wonders have been gathered from around the globe just for you. The one stop shop that gives you so much to choose from.

If you have the luxury to visit our huge showroom please do so. You will be able to see for yourself the wonderful world of Fairy Meadow Miniatures. Free tea and coffee is available and a comfy sofa to relax on, especially for your designated driver who you may be worried about.

Inside the Shop

Upstairs at our shop we have a Gallery, this is a fabulous display of houses and room boxes. Many are from my private collection and we also have displays on loan from customers and friends. Of course we have many room boxes on show from our famous yearly calendar these are always delightful to see in the flesh! The gallery displays are lit and decorated and just the place to visit for inspiration.

Welcome from Ivor

Of course Ivor Reddit sits upon a cabinet to welcome you inside; he has a bird’s eye view of the door because he wants to meet all of you as you enter

If a visit to the shop is not possible, I would love to welcome you to our virtual shop, it has all our gorgeous miniatures but without the cabinets!!

We always endeavour to have all orders shipped within 24 hours.

I am also here to help you with your projects, if you want to know “how to” there are some general topics in our BLOG!!, if you don't find the solution there; just email me at Lorraine at fairymeadowminiatures_dot_com_dot_au (please forgive the syntax but we are trying to avoid getting spam mail as much as possible. The "at" should be replaced with @ and the _dot_ with a full stop (no spaces in between)or give us a call:

Our new phone number is 61 (0)2 4274 3435.

40 Wentworth Street
Port Kembla NSW 2505

Opening Soon!!

Ivor is ready for you!

Shotgun Ivor


Something more for you discerning shoppers:
FREE delivery (within Australia only) if you spend $100 or more!
Please note: This offer does not apply to Doll Houses .

Ivor's signature and Lorraine's signature


Dollhouse Miniatures Australia

Dollhouse miniaturesFairy Meadows Miniatures is a family run business specialising in the fascinating world of dollhouse miniatures. The Robinson family has been overseeing the manufacture and marketing of miniature doll houses of all shapes, sizes and origin since May of 2006. This intriguing commercial venture has seen steady growth from its inception and has enjoyed a strong rate of growth in sales as well as their dedicated customer base. They have recently expanded and moved to a larger show room to accommodate their growing selection of miniatures as well as a huge selection of dolls house accessories. In addition to their retail business, Fairy Meadow Miniatures does children’s parties where children can see the steps in producing the myriad of items used in making miniature doll houses in addition to a confined children’s play area that has lots of doll houses available for them to play with during their visit. They can also enjoy a walk through the extensive gallery which is a showcase of some of the most intricately designed and constructed doll houses you will see anywhere in the world. A library area has also been added to our facility where customers are encouraged to relax while browsing through miniature magazines and other publications.

Fairy Meadow staff are always willing to advise or help other miniaturists with their house building questions. For everything from the right glue to the right material for curtains, the Fairy Meadow people are happy to provide suggestions and ideas to fellow enthusiasts of this remarkable hobby. We will endeavor to answer all your queries regarding miniatures, whether it is what glue to use, ask us to make your curtains or obtain that miniature that you just cannot find.

Dolls Houses for Sale

Miniature dolls housesWhen it comes to selecting dolls house furniture Australia miniaturists and hobbyists have come to depend on Fairy Meadow Miniatures for the widest selection of miniature doll houses as well as the endless number of accessories and options that are available today.

Many people stop in to our gallery and shop just to chat and exchange information and ideas on this compelling and interesting hobby. In reality, dollhouses can trace their history back hundreds of years, so the popularity of this domain is not a recent event. There are examples of smaller doll houses with realistic and highly detailed exteriors from 18th century Europe. While most of the doll houses of long ago were handmade just like the ones we make here in Fairy Meadow, after World War II there were a large amount of these miniature houses that were mass produced.

Our wide varieties of miniatures are too diverse to itemise here, but you can be assured that you will enjoy visiting our gallery or even just searching through our website to view our inventory. One of our most popular offerings is our Greenleaf collection with houses such as the Greenleaf Aster Cottage, with its snow covered roof, or the unique Greenleaf Vintage Travel Trailer which brings back memories with its vintage Americana themed accessories like the replica jacks and trailer hitch. Other models include our popular built to order Colonial models and the Sid Cooke Silver Jubilee House kits. No matter where your interests lie, we have a model that will provide you hours of enjoyment and satisfaction.

Wooden Dolls House Furniture Sydney

Miniature furnitureIn addition to our ongoing efforts to provide support and information on the wonderful world of miniature doll houses, Fairy Meadow Miniatures has an active corporate social responsibility commitment to help our neighbours and friends throughout the world. One of our ongoing CSR projects is our calendar that is designed by our customers who provide a unique room box for each month of the year. The photos are consolidated and made into a calendar with 12 beautiful images plus listings of doll or miniature shows on their specific dates. We provide more details such as the venue and times of these shows on the back of each month. All of the proceeds from the sales of these calendars go to the Kids of Macarthur health care foundation. This charity raises money for the purchase of equipment needed for paediatric care at both Campbelltown and Camden Hospitals. Please join us in this project by purchasing and enjoying our upcoming 2013 calendar. You will be reminded of this important work and your part in it every time you check the date!

During the year, we host several interesting and informative events at Fairy Meadow. If you watch our calendar or subscribe to our newsletter, you can stay on top of these exciting venues. Through these teaching and sharing events we hope to focus on specific items or segments of the hobby of miniature doll houses such as Victorian Doll Houses as well as miniature furniture making. These special dates are a chance for enthusiasts to share their interests and knowledge on dolls and doll houses.

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